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Crafting is, one of the best ways to not only enjoy and document your life; but it allows you to be creative and to expand your talents.  At HomeWithTanya.Net you will see and have access to the ever growing library of Crafting.  Through Planners, Journals, Pocket Letters, Greeting Cards, Stamps, Cooking and so much more.

Crafting with Tanya

See the amazing and ever growing Blog Site, HomeWithTanya.Net by going here.  And see where things can take you… see how you can easily make Crafts that can brighten the day for anyone you love.

Here is an example – and when you go to Tanya’s YouTube and Blog Site you will gain access to so much more, with new additions throughout the week.  It is a steady and constantly growing resource.

Be Sure to Check out the YouTube Channel for HomeWithTanya and you will have access to so many Crafts and Methods for brightening up your Home or Office with easy and professional Crafting Items.  Make someone’s day with a great Card, or “Pick-Me-Up” Craft Idea.  Create a lasting impression, and especially in this digital age of texting and digital messages; give something that lasts and leaves a lasting impression.  With more than 300 different Videos and Tutorials (and more being added each week).

craftingNeed to get started, then look no further than following and working with the techniques and directions Tanya has to offer.  Learn and see ways to enjoy life through crafting.  Planning and organizing your life through making your daily planning, goal setting; and then celebrating your accomplishments with the added flare of Crafts and Novelties.

Easy and Unique Cards, Gifts and Methods for cheering up your life, and the life of those you care about.

Demonstrators Wanted and Needed Worldwide

If you are crafty person, we are looking to expand the team that works together with Tanya and several other Crafters to share the Love of Crafting with others.  You should look into joining with Tanya in gaining knowledge, ideas and techniques to become a better Crafter.  See information on becoming a Stampin Up Demonstrator Here.  You will be in direct contact with Tanya and her Team of Crafters.